My sister called me up a few days ago and asked me to go to the casino with her. I had never been there before, but it sounded like fun. When I told a friend of mine, she wanted to go as well. My sister told a few of her other friends and our cousins too, and before we knew it, there were over 20 of us going. We were going to take several vehicles when my sister said we should look into a Toronto limo bus rental. She had done that when she got married, and she said the price was really great.

She contacted the same company that she had used for her wedding, and they were able to give her a quote over the phone. She had wanted the same type of limo bus that they used for their wedding, and the price was the same amount even though that was last year.Continue reading

My mom told me she wanted one of those activity tracker devices for Christmas. Since she usually makes us guess at what to buy her, I was so thankful she gave me a heads up this year. I did not know very much about the different kinds, so I had to do some research so I could buy her the best one for her needs. I finally decided it was between two, the Fitbit Flex vs Charge trackers. I wasn’t sure which one I wanted to get for her though, so I had to find a website that had details about both. Looking at that, it was obvious that my choice should be the FitBit Flex.

I did not know much about it before reading that site, but it did not take me long to know why it was the right choice. I liked that it comes with two different wristbands. That way, it will fit anyone.Continue reading

I never thought I would need elder care in Queens, but I guess we all get old sometime. I’ve lived alone for most of my old age, and considered myself to pretty independent, but after a fall at the supermarket, which resulted in me having a broken bone, I couldn’t really care for myself like before. Being reliant on other people isn’t something I really like to do, but I guess sometimes you can’t really get around it. I looked for an elderly care company that would provide me with the best service, and in doing so, found a friend.

From the company, a care worker named Mary came to my home. Upon first meeting her, she had a pretty warm personality, greeting me with a big smile and bright eyes. I never figured someone would be so happy to be taking care of old people, but I guess it was something that she really enjoyed.Continue reading

When I moved to the big city about a year ago, I found myself missing home and my family. I needed to make new friends, but was having a tough time because work kept me busy. My parents were keeping my beloved dog of 7 years so that I could get settled in and get used to work, but I missed her, too. It took me awhile to realize that I was stuffing myself with unhealthy foods to try to keep the homesickness and sorrow away. In Singapore organic food has become quite popular. I realized that if I wanted to get out of the funk I was in, I should learn more about the organic way of life so that I could start to feel better again.

I found that there are three stores that are only a mile away from my home that sell what I was looking for.Continue reading

I like to buy and sell houses, it is something that my father used to do, but he got out of the business a few years before his death. Back when the housing market collapsed, he saw the signs on the wall, and decided to get out while he still could. I lost some money during the whole crisis, but I am back at it. I just bought another house, and I am going to hire expert roof repair in Essex county NJ to work on the house that I bought, because it needs some pretty extensive work done to the roof.

A large portion of the roof is sagging, and I am guessing that the problem is water damage.Continue reading

When I first started out in business, I knew that I was going to have to be practical. While I would have loved to have started out in a penthouse office with spacious rooms, I knew that my reality was a lot different. I was able to get a very small office on the outskirts of town, but I had to get creative with my address. I ended up using a business address service in Singapore because I knew that if I used my actual office address, I would probably lose a lot of business.

The reality of it is that people want to use a business that is close to them.Continue reading

I looked around my house not that long ago and realized the reason I could not keep anything organized. I just had too much stuff. It really was as simple as that. I knew I could not get rid of any of it though, because I would not always be living in such cramped quarters. Every piece of furniture I have means something to me, whether it is because my parents or grandparents gave it to me or because of the story attached to it when I got it for myself. I looked at to see if I would be able to afford to put some of it in storage to give myself a bit of breathing space at my place.

I have never stored anything before this, so I was not sure if it was something that would be easily affordable or if it would be something that would be too high to even consider. I knew that reading

Two kids, a mother and father-in-law, my wife, our dog and a lizard in a fish tank were all sharing the house last summer. Then my sister and her husband and child showed up. We were packed in sharing our holiday time away from work and school together. Things were great until the air conditioning system shut down. That first night was hot even though we went out and bought some portable fans. I called for Singapore aircon servicing after my father-in-law and brother-in-law offered their advice as to what was wrong with it. I checked the breaker and thermostat. That was the limit of what I could do.

The aircon service tech came out the next morning. I slept okay, but I actually like the heat. Everyone else was miserable.Continue reading

It is amazing how identical twins can be so much alike in so many ways yet be completely different in some key areas. There is no doubt that my sister and I like the same foods and same clothing styles. We have pretty much the same personality too. However, we like different colors, and we have a different outlook on how we view our own bodies. Both of us have small breasts and thick thighs. It does not bother me in the slightest, but it really does bother my sister. So, for her birthday, I looked at the BottomSlim review, and then I bought us each a treatment at their facility.

I wanted her to feel good about herself.Continue reading

A friend of mine tossed me a link to a Bottomslim review the other day thinking that it would put me a in a good mood. Hah, yeah right. It’s like he knows that I’m depressed about gaining so much weight last year so instead of genuinely trying to help me out he sends me a program that is not about exercising? I mean, I get it. It’s a cool idea to be able to just diet and use techniques that are designed to help shape the human body into whatever it is the client wants but that’s not for me. I don’t have thunder thighs – not yet, anyway.

Maybe when I do have some righteous thunder thighs that are out of control I’ll look for Bottomslim again but right now I need something more serious.Continue reading